Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bad Temper :(

I know
My temper is bad

I juz dun like
U irritate me
when my threshold of irritation is
50% lower than normal range

I juz dun like
U irritate me
when im having Pre-menstrual Syndrome
Few days of constipation
And a lot of feelings awaiting for expression

I know
I can be nice
Give you warm and fake smile
Lots of patience
Pretending that Im quite understanding

But i failed
Coz my temper is bad
Im true emo

****Bad gal*****:(:(:(

Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Medicine Posting

Well..this is the 3rd week of my final year..

Im so "lucky" to start with family medicine posting, attached to Klinik Kesihatan and Pusat Perubatan Primer.
Doctors, MA, nurses are very nice over here..

(Although there are always some that hate and ignore medical students, i dun know why, but some forget that they are once medical students like us, and some forget that medical students are going to become doctors in future.)

But, i still enjoy this posting very much, as i really impressed with the way of family physicians in treating patients. They are the one that really treat patient as a WHOLE, and not to treat patient as a HOLE with disease.

And, i also realized the difference between health service in rural and urban area.
I nearly fainted when go into toilet of KK batu.9, really cant imagine how patients are going to collect urine in such lousy and dirty toilet without proper water supply, flush, soap for handwashing and rubbish(pads, underwears, tissues.....) on the floor. So disgusting.
Maybe government should upgrade all these services in rural area, before spend $$ to build more 5-star hospital in the country.

Today, i got my mini exam with doctor. Although i passed, but i still feel sad as really forget alot of knowledge that learnt in 3rd n 4th year. When discussed about "anemia", my mind is just blank no wonder how i squeeze my brain T.T ..need to study hard lo!!

Before ending, just wan2 share a short story.
Yesterday i went to visit patient's home, as i couldn't find the road, so I stopped by a shop to ask around.
I approached the uncle with nice smile and polite tone:
me : uncle, 你好,请问 Jalan 2 系边度??
uncle (with irritated face):你没见到我很忙嚒?? 人地忙个时候你不要问我啦!!
WALAU A.. uncle u dun need so 串gua??
Nvm, I got PPD skill, and I believe in karma.
So I say "thank you" to him and chaoz...

The moral of the story is " Always treat people as you wan to be treated"
And really "thanks" to this uncle who becomes my bad role model,
Im not going to become like u in future...


Monday, May 17, 2010


Monday, May 10, 2010

People, u still wan2 study medic ah??

Ask your friends/sister/brother/juniors/cousin etc etc...
Think twice before step into this profession.

No, is think TEN times.

It is not as noble as what u/ur parents/ur teachers/ur uncle aunty..... think (in Malaysia).

Have u ever think of, why there is Nurses' Day,
but no people declare 1 day in 365days as "Doctors' Day"?

If u juz wan2 earn alot of $$$, go2 join direct sales la...
They can earn double/ triple more than u ;)
tak payah belajar susah-susah di sini.

P/S: No offence to anyone, juz too excited after reading this article as finally there are someone who voice out doctors' rights.

Sunday, May 9, 2010








Sunday, May 2, 2010





Tuesday, February 9, 2010


okie.. i know i didnt update my blog for the past 3 months..n now my final exam over ady, so no more excuse for my super-laziness..

Alot of things happened..n i dunno how to re-arrange them one by one..juz can say, this is the most emotional study week tat i ever had (which is not related to the stressors of exam~.~)


Problems still going on..

If i cannot change people, mayb Im d one that should change myself..
But i juz wan2 live for myself.
I know I am selfish.

hope i can update more frequently after this..
coz im going to hav long holiday :)